Monday, January 30, 2012

Do This! Get Hired: Resume Tip #1

Do This! Get Hired: Resume Tip #1
By: Greg Hill

   For some, getting a job is easier than others. Some students have several dozen activities that they have done throughout their college career. Some have excellent GPA’s that they, and recruiters, can be proud of. But what if you don’t have the best CGPA? What if during your time at college those pesky “gen ed” courses, such as math and English, brought your excellent GPA down so far you don’t think you will ever get a dream job? Have no fear because Mark is here! In his book, “College Students, Do This: Get Hired! Mark Lyden describes the many tricks you can do to ACTUALLY put a GPA on your resume. Putting a GPA on your resume actually allows recruiters to distinguish your resume from the other 300 they get on a weekly basis for one job. Now if you are like me and the general education courses have been a burden to your CGPA, you can always calculate you MAJOR GPA and put that instead. Not only will you have a way of distinguishing your resume, but you have a greater chance of getting a call back from an employer about a job/internship. 

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