Monday, January 30, 2012

Do This! Get Hired: Resume Tip #1

Do This! Get Hired: Resume Tip #1
By: Greg Hill

   For some, getting a job is easier than others. Some students have several dozen activities that they have done throughout their college career. Some have excellent GPA’s that they, and recruiters, can be proud of. But what if you don’t have the best CGPA? What if during your time at college those pesky “gen ed” courses, such as math and English, brought your excellent GPA down so far you don’t think you will ever get a dream job? Have no fear because Mark is here! In his book, “College Students, Do This: Get Hired! Mark Lyden describes the many tricks you can do to ACTUALLY put a GPA on your resume. Putting a GPA on your resume actually allows recruiters to distinguish your resume from the other 300 they get on a weekly basis for one job. Now if you are like me and the general education courses have been a burden to your CGPA, you can always calculate you MAJOR GPA and put that instead. Not only will you have a way of distinguishing your resume, but you have a greater chance of getting a call back from an employer about a job/internship. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do This! Get Hired! by Greg Hill

Getting a real life job could possibly be the scariest, and hardest, thing in the world to do. But do not fear there is help out there! Do not try to go down that dark path of employment alone! Many students have recently become plugged into a book called, “College Students: Do This! Get Hired!” by Mark Lyden and it is your look into a new way of going about getting that job, it’s called: The Right Way. So you think you got the interview thing down pat? Do you think your resume is flawless? Believe it or not, there are techniques so simple to getting that job/internship that you may not even think of doing them! Mark Lyden’s book, “Do This! Get Hired!” will expose those techniques to you and change your outlook on interviews, resume writing, and many other techniques to get you on your feet and making THAT salary you always dreamed of.       
            These are just a few examples of how “College Students: Do This! Get Hired!” by Mark Lyden has helped students here on campus and it can help you to! So get connected with your copy of “College Students: Do This! Get Hired!” at or by visiting Check it out and get a jump start on your dream job today! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Recent Graduates Face an Unemployment Rate of 8.9%, and the Highest Debt-burden on Record

[January 2012] –The Unemployment for new graduates is about 8.9% (, 2012). “The search for potential job opportunities has become frustrating,” according to Ms. Caison who writes for The Daily Tarheel. Add to this the fact that the class of 2010’s debt burden grew -- the highest debt on record. (NYTimes, 2011)

How are today’s universities ensuring their students get hired? By arming their students with the skills and knowledge to GET HIRED in today’s market. The Lally School of Technology and Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  has made College Students: DO THIS! GET HIRED!” required reading material for its MBA students.  According to Thomas Whalen, Director of Career Services, “[College Students: Do This! Get Hired!] ….gives  (an) 'insider's' perspective on the hiring process. [Mark’s] His work ethic gives him the energy and appetite to remain at the front of his field. His message is what gives everyone hope and confidence that the hiring process is not a fixed game. His message is fundamental, it is human, it is real and it is a message that is transformative when heard by an audience with open ears. I recommend Mark's books to any serious student of the hiring process. Mark really is his message and, at his core, he is utterly authentic and hopeful.” 

“College Students: DO THIS! GET HIRED!” Mr. Lyden’s first top selling book caught the eye of Senator John McCain’s son, Jim McCain and his fellow Marine Jesse Canella, both co-founders of  With their full endorsement and with the help from veterans from all four major branches of the military Mr. Lyden’s second book Veterans: DO THIS! GET HIRED! is hailed as the, “Best advice for getting hired that we have ever read." (Jesse Canella, CEO of HonorVet); and is helping reduce the high unemployment for our veterans and soldiers getting out of the military. Mark has now turned his success, attention, and expertise to helping today’s unemployed professionals with his book, “Professionals: DO THIS! GET HIRED!”

About the Author
Mark Lyden is an expert at getting people jobs.  He has already helped thousands get hired even in this difficult job market.  For over 15-years, he has been a Professional Lead Recruiter for a Fortune 50 company.  His approach is fresh, practical, easy to follow, and extremely effective. In his recruiting career he has recruited for small, medium, and large companies and organizations. Mark has screened, taught, mentored and interviewed thousands of candidates and has presented job search seminars across the country.  His extensive experience plus the fact that he recruits each day in this difficult job market, gives him the unique insight on the best ways--the proven ways to approach every major step of the job search process so candidates have the best chance at getting hired.

A substantial portion of the proceeds from book sales Mr. Lyden and his wife donate back to charity to help our military veterans and to help the stray and abandoned animals at Logan’s Run Rescue.  

Mark has been interviewed by or featured in The Washington Post, CNN MONEY, The Huffington Post, The Herald Tribune and many others. He has been a frequent guest on national and local talk radio shows including Ken Gaines (WKZK-103.7FM), Marc Bernier (WNDB-1150) The Marc Bernier Show  and with Howard Keating and Gail Kubiak,

College Students: DO THIS! GET HIRED!
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