Thursday, October 20, 2011


After 20 minutes of standing in line you finally get to talk to the recruiter at the career fair. Now what?!  Okay you gave him your resume. Now you are talking. Good progress. But wait… the conversation is ending. No offer for an interview yet? Then it happens. The recruiter that you stood in line for, printed this crisp resume for, and woke up early to talk to, now suggests you should apply online and someone will get back to you.  What did you do wrong?  After stressing out all day about trying to get that one interview with that one company you have blown it. Have no fear career fair go-ers here is your chance to figure out what exactly went 

In my book, “College Students: Do This! Get Hired!” there are not 30 things you need to do, but rather let’s stick with those that work! So let’s start with HUGE TIP #1: Ask yourself this question: “How can I show this recruiter that I am serious without ever having met them before?” Your resume is a huge part of it. This shows major accomplishments, but what about showing that company and their representatives exactly how you act in a working environment? (Remember your whole goal when it comes to recruiters is to impresses them!) So having available for them a performance evaluation from a previous internship is a great way to get recognized. There is nothing more powerful than basically handing that recruiter an outline of your skills and a real life example of how excellent you preformed them. It is one thing to say you were in a professional working group that did testing for a major airline than to have a breakdown of how well you worked in that group and the actual accomplishments you made all the while cohesively attaining the company’s objectives written by your previous employer. This will really raise your likelihood of getting that interview.

HUGE TIP #2 Listen for the questions! While in line, listen to the questions that is asked of the person in front of you. Do you really think recruiters are creative? They have a set of basic questions they ask at these events. Or simple walk up close –pretend you are looking for something….step to the side and LISTEN. Then get in back of the line and PRACTICE your answer to the questions! That wasn’t rocket science, right

HUGET TIP #3 Ask for the interview! Recruiters cannot resist if you make it personal. Simply ask for the interview this way, “I really would appreciate and interview with you ….I promise if you grant me the interview, I WON’T LET YOU DOWN.” Who in their right mind would not give you an interview? You’ve just made it personal. This will work! Try it.

So you’ve got the INTERVIEW…now practice your interview answers. This is all up to you now.

Mark Lyden is an expert at getting people jobs…in THIS difficult job market. He has already helped thousands with his advice because it is different and it is PROVEN to work! The advice he gives is not the traditional advice that can be found on the Internet or being given by most career professionals. Now and for the last 15-years, Mr. Lyden has been a Professional Lead Recruiter for a Fortune 50 company. Mark is the author of: College Students: Do This! Get Hired!; Veterans: Do This! Get Hired!; and, Professionals: Do This! Get Hired! Visit for additional information. A substantial portion of the proceeds from book sales are donated back to charity to help veterans and to help the stray and abandoned animals at Logan’s Run Rescue.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Since the time I read your book and followed your advice, I was interviewed by the following companies:

Mark's advice works!

Hello Mr. Mark 

Since the time I read your book and followed you advice, I was interviewed by the following companies: 

1- Rolls-Royce (Virginia) 
2- Continental Airlines (Houston) 
3- Southwest Airlines (Dallas) 
4- American Express (Embry Riddle) 
5- Etihad Airways(Phone interview) 
6- Embraer – North America (Fort Lauderdale) 
7- Lufthansa Technik (Fort Lauderdale) 
8- CB Aviation (Phone interviews) 
9- US Airways (Phone interview) 
10- American Airlines (Dallas) 
11- Boeing (3 phone interviews) 
12- Commercial Jets (Miami) 
13- HEICO Aerospace (Hollywood, FL) 
14- TRAX (Miami) 
15- GE (5 phone interview) 
16- Ayla Aviation Academy (Jordan) 
17- IATA (Jordan/ phone interview with IATA Canada) 
18- Royal Jordanian (Jordan) 
19- Jordan Airports Company (Jordan) 
20- Mearsk Line (Jordan) 
21- Delta Airlines (I denied the interview since I accepted a position with Lufthansa) 

Just wanted to let you know that your book is extraordinary; you are awesome. 

My current objective is to obtain a position with Boeing (Middle East) i.e Dubai. 

I'm keeping my eyes open on the website! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! [by Jenny Chabrian]

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! Here it is the inside story on college recruiters! WAIT A MINUTE?! Recruiters are real life people with subjectivity to other real life people?
Stop the presses!
has changed my whole view on my approaching technique. If  I just keep in mind that giving my recruiter the chance to see that there is in fact a positive, go getter of a person behind my resume I can in fact open up my recruiter to the ability to evaluate me as a person on top of my resume. Hiring managers and college recruiters rely a lot on the evaluation of your attitude to judge whether or not your attitude will make the difference.  I think this really ties into what Mark says in Chapter 3 about resumes too. How sometimes the STRUCTURE is actually as important as the CONTENT. I can write or simply speak and try to portray all that I do and have accomplished. However, if I do not expose that hard positive attitude I have in a way that is arranged and structured to portray myself as the hard working, motivated person I am, I will basically be out of luck. It’s funny how everything is really pretty much interconnected. It’s all about the attitude. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

DO THIS! GET HIRED! [by Jenny Chabrian]

I’m not going to waste your time.”  That is the first thing that jumped out at me when I started reading “College Students: Do This! Get Hired.”  Someone who is actually going to be real with me about what I need to do to get my dream job!  Many times when I  meet potential employers I try to use impressive big words  and focus on my technical skills because lets face it my bad jokes and part time job I never thought recruiters were interested in. Turns out some of my soft skills are actually really important! I now know that allowing my recruiter the ability to see that I have a positive attitude along with  an openness and ability to learn new things can really give me a heads up in getting that interview. I never had the other-side-of-the-fence view on recruiting and now I can cater my  approach to  recruiters knowing that not all recruiters are the same. According to Mark the experience and level of training  of recruiters will vary and that means my approach to each must vary accordingly too. I feel now I will have a significant competitive advantage by showing both my ability to effectively communicate with a recruiter and not shying away from my soft skills.