Monday, August 1, 2011

The real unemployment rate? 16.6%. Author’s latest book is PROVEN to help today’s job seekers get hired.

The real unemployment rate? 16.6%.  Author’s latest book is PROVEN to help today’s job seekers get hired.

[August 1, 2011] – Mark Lyden has done it again! Aimed to help the millions of unemployed, his latest book, “Professionals: DO THIS! GET HIRED!” is geared to help today’s job seeker increase their chances of getting hired.  The Labor Department's statistics don't include the underemployed and those who have stopped looking for work. (MSN Money 6/2011).  When the underemployed and the discouraged are added to the numbers, the unemployment rate almost doubles making it 16.6%.  But there is a solution.

“Professionals: DO THIS! GET HIRED!” Gives those that are unemployed advice to get hired in today’s job market. Mr. Lyden emphasizes the: 7 Critical Steps to Applying Online; How to stand out at Job Fairs; Acing the Interview; and How to Negotiate Salary. Also included is a special chapter addressing the issues and concerns of those who are 50+ and older who may be looking for work…after being employed for 20+ years. The mature unemployed have a ton of experience yet they are overlooked because they are consistently told they are “overqualified.” A good rule of thumb according to Mr. Lyden is, “If you are in your fifties, sixties, or even higher…you can include your experience, but you don’t have to include it all or just don’t include the dates of when you worked there.  This helps prevent the “age issue” from ever coming up.” 

Mark Lyden’s first top selling book “College Students: DO THIS! GET HIRED!” caught the eye of Senator John McCain’s son, Jim McCain and his fellow Marine Jesse Canella, both co-founders of  This year, with their full endorsement and with the help from veterans from all four major branches of the military Mr. Lyden’s second book Veterans: DO THIS! GET HIRED! is hailed as the, “Best advice for getting hired that we have ever read." (Jesse Canella, CEO of HonorVet); and is helping reduce the high unemployment for our veterans and soldiers getting out of the military. Now Mark has turned his success, attention, and expertise to helping professionals with his new book “Professionals: DO THIS! GET HIRED!”

About the Author
Mark Lyden is an expert at getting people jobs.  He has already helped thousands get hired even in this difficult job market.  For over 15-years, he has been a Professional Lead Recruiter for a Fortune 50 company.  His approach is fresh, practical, easy to follow, and extremely effective. In his recruiting career he has recruited for small, medium, and large companies and organizations. Mark has screened, taught, mentored and interviewed thousands of candidates and has presented job search seminars across the country.  His extensive experience plus the fact that he recruits each day in this difficult job market, gives him the unique insight on the best ways--the proven ways to approach every major step of the job search process so candidates have the best chance at getting hired.

A substantial portion of the proceeds from book sales Mr. Lyden and his wife donate back to charity to help our military veterans and to help the stray and abandoned animals at Logan’s Run Rescue.  

Mark has been interviewed by or featured in The Washington Post, CNN MONEY, The Huffington Post, The Herald Tribune and many others. He has been a frequent guest on national and local talk radio shows including Ken Gaines (WKZK-103.7FM), Marc Bernier (WNDB-1150) The Marc Bernier Show  and with Howard Keating and Gail Kubiak,

Professionals: DO THIS! GET HIRED!
·         CreateSpace
·         ISBN: 978-1463561598
·         Price: $24.99
·         Pages: 92 pages, Paperback, 6 x 9
·         Pub Date: July 2011



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